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Little Rose English Medium School, Pathalgaon

CBSE Affiliation New Delhi No: 3330256

For New Admission 2023-24

Exam Date  26.03.2023                                                                                                          Exam Fee Rs. 00

Registration                                                        Written                                                     Scholarship

Online -   Rs. 00                                  Examination (For new Admission)                As per       the exam Score

Offline – Rs. 00                                                                                                                    above 80%



District Level Scholarship Test

Scholars unity Test is a district level scholarship exam conducted by the Little Rose English Medium School Affiliated to CBSE board new Delhi. Exam is organized for student wishing to gain scholarship. For classes 1st to 12th and would provide them with the Educational Financial help that they would otherwise face difficulties with the exam is conducted by Little Rose Educational Society.

school camp.jpegWe conduct exam in a year. “Month of March”






                                    Medium English –

                                    Syllabus :-                                  MM

                                    General Knowledge                20 marks

                                    Logical Reasoning                  20 marks

                                    English + Maths + Science     60 marks

                                                            Total    -           100 marks



Rank I    -    Scholarship of Rs. 10000/ Gold Medal score card and Certificate

Rank II   -   Scholarship of Rs. 5000/ Gold Medal score card and Certificate

Rank III  -  Scholarship of Rs. 3000/ Gold Medal score card and Certificate

Rank IV  -  Gold Medal and score card and Certificate

Rank V   -  Silver Medal and score card and Certificate

Rank VI -   Bronze Medal and score card and Certificate



                                            Award for Student of each class-




  Oval: Exam For 
1st to 12th









Contact No: 9425574801, 9479135085

School No:  6268433212

Note:-   Participants students will get score card and certificate

            Apply for scholarship test at - www.lrsptg.in

Mail :- lrs.pathalgaon@rediffmail.com

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