It was my dream to start an English medium school before twenty five years ago and opened to give education to the student at their home town.

I started it from pre-primary classes and gradually the classes grew up to Higher Secondary classes. At this stage, now we have commerce and science stream in the Higher Secondary classes. My entire dream turned true due to the sincere efforts and devotion of the teachers who served in this school and express my gratefulness to them.

Since the education is being imparted in a new way and to make it systematic I would like to change its technique and rejuvenate this well-established school. I assure all the parents to provide better education with all round development of the children. For this I need the support and active participation of the parents on various meeting and activities of the students which will encourage the students to develop their personality.

At the End , I hand over this prospectus to the parents and children to follow the guidelines of the school.

Mr. Pawan Agrawal